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75 Years of Porsche
Officially approved Porsche Club 281

The 2017 Porsche Club Malta Annual General Meeting was held on the 25th of January at the Continental Cars Porsche showroom.

The meeting was well attended by a large number of members. During the introduction part I made notice of the events held by the Porsche Club Malta in the year 2016 and laid out the framework of the projects due in Q1 2017, such as the organisation of the Porsche Ride & Coffee event in February, a retreat to Gozo for a weekend in March, and a visit to the Leipzig Porsche Museum and Factory to name a few.

Whilst in Leipzig Porsche Centre we will visit the museum and should luck be on our side, we will get a chance to also visit the excellent track Porsche have there. The venue is a FIA-certified running-in and test track and its design combines ten of the most challenging corners from world-famous race tracks.

Later in 2017 we are looking to organise a driving trip to Sicily in collaboration with Porsche Club Sicilia.

After the introduction Victor Zammit Tabona provided an overview of the events we held in 2016.

  • 15th January - Static display of Porsches at the event hosted by Continental Cars Ltd. ( New 911 Launch)
  • 12th March - Gozo event - Weekend at Ta Cenc hotel.
  • 3rd April - Porsche Ride & Coffee (Static display) - National Aquarium 
  • 16th April - Porsche photo shoot in Valetta
  • 15th May - PCM Sicily Trip
  • 22nd May - Porsche Ride & Coffee (Hard Rocks Complex)
  • 2nd July - Summer BBQ at Westin Dragonara Hotel
  • 28th July Night Ride (Motorsport Federation Office)
  • 29th September - PCM Badger Karting event
  • 6th November - Porsche Ride & Coffee (Static display) - National Aquarium 
  • 26th November - Porsche Club Malta - Charity Dinner (Dar Tal-Providenza) Golden Sands Hotel

The meeting continued with a review of the Club's financial statements, presented by the Financial Administrator Andrew Cremona.

This year there were no elections held for new committee members as the number of candidates was equal to the available positions.

Gordon Vella
Vice President Gordon Vella decided not to be part of the committee for 2017 due to substantial work commitments.​
We would like to once again thank Gordon for his valuable contribution to our Club.

Mr. Ivaylo Kushev submitted an application to join the committee.

The new committee comprises of the following members:
Andrew Spiteri - President
Victor Zammit Tabona - Vice President.
Chris Xuereb - Club Secretary
Andrew Cremona - Financial Administrator
Cleaven Delia - IT Administrator
Ivaylo Kushev - Sports Manager


Andrew Spiteri
Porsche Club Malta