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75 Years of Porsche
Officially approved Porsche Club 281

The 2018 Porsche Club Malta Annual General Meeting “AGM” took place on the 8thof February at the Continental Cars Porsche showroom.

Plenty of members attended the venue on Thursday, 8th February. The Club’s Vice President Victor Zammit Tabona made a review of the events held by the Porsche Club Malta during last year while the President of the Club Andrew Spiteri discussed the projects due for 2018, such as the Porsche Ride & Coffee event on 11th March, the Track day @Intercity İstanbul Park (Istanbul F1 Circuit) on the 25th March and a planned Gozo weekend retreat in April, 2018.

As we are all looking forward to the summer, the Club’s Committee is already planning a revamped summer event and a summer party celebrating 70 years of Porsche. 

This year offers a lot of opportunities to celebrate our beloved brand - in September the Porsche Club Malta will mark 10 years since it was first recognized as an official Porsche Club. Keep an eye on our 10 years’ birthday party as a part of the Porsche community worldwide!

Finally, we have yet another reason to celebrate – the Club’s Financial Administrator Andrew Cremona became a father for the second time just two days after the the AGM. Best wishes and congratulations go to all his family! 

A summary of the Club’s financial position was provided by the President due to Andrew Cremona’s absence.

Chris Xuereb

Club Secretary Chris Xuereb decided not to be part of the Committee for 2018.
We would like to once again thank Chris for his valuable contribution to our Club.

Mr. Darren Gatt applied to join the Committee.

No new committee election was held since the number of candidates was equal to the positions available, however a vote of confidence was held amongst all present members. The vote of confidence approved the suggested Committee changes. 

The new committee is as follows:

  • Andrew Spiteri - President
  • Victor Zammit Tabona - Vice President.
  • Darren Gatt - Club Secretary
  • Andrew Cremona - Financial Administrator
  • Ivaylo Kushev - Sports Manager
  • Cleaven Delia - IT Administrator

Andrew Spiteri
Porsche Club Malta